Team Registration

Divisions & Pricing

Youth-$100 per team

Teen-$100 per team

Adult-$100 per team

High School Elite (entering grades 9-12)-$125 per team

Adult Elite-$150 per team


We use divisions as course groupings of teams. We then further break each division down into many competitive “brackets”, matching up teams with similar player profiles. Our goal is to provide the most fair, safe, and competitive playing experience we can for each registered team.  

Teams registering in either Elite Division will be placed in pools within those divisions without regard to player age, height, and playing experience. Teams entering these divisions should anticipate a very competitive tournament experience.

Upon completing payment for team registration, a receipt email confirming your registration will be sent to your account email address. If you do not receive a receipt email, please check your Junk email folder. If you do not find it there, please contact us. Unpaid teams or teams with incomplete rosters will be deleted from the database when the deadline is reached and will not be placed in the tournament.

Team Rosters

Teams may have up to four registered players, but must have at least three registered players to participate in the tournament. Teams that do not have the required minimum three players entered in the registration system by the deadline on August 13, 2017 will be removed from the database and will not be allowed to participate in the tournament. No refunds will be given for incomplete teams. Teams that begin the tournament with only three players will not be allowed to continue competing if one of their players becomes unable to play for any reason. Please understand this and plan your roster accordingly.

Player Heights & Ages

Player height, especially that of the tallest player on a team, is important in determining how a team will be placed in a bracket. It is extremely important that each player’s height is represented accurately on the team’s registration. If a player’s actual height differs from what they indicated on their registration, they may be disqualified from the tournament at the discretion of tournament officials.    

Youth and Teen Division teams will be bracketed by player ages, not grades. Please provide accurate ages for each player and we will ensure that they are matched up as fairly as possible with other teams. Teams must enter the appropriate division based on the age of their oldest player. 

Players on teams registered in the High School Elite Division must be able to provide school ID or another valid document during the tournament, showing that they are entering grades 9-12.


Co-ed teams must have one male participant and one female participant on the court at all times. Any team containing both male and female players must register as a co-ed team. Co-ed teams can register in any division except for the Elite Division. If specific co-ed teams cannot be fairly placed into pure co-ed brackets, we will place these teams in the most appropriate all-male brackets and will notify the teams of this change. Co-ed teams placed in male brackets will not be required to have players of both genders on the court at all times.

Team Name

Your team name must be no more than 20 characters and consist of letters only. Duplicate team names will not be accepted in the registration system. Indy Hoop Festival reserves the right to reject any name deemed to be inappropriate.

Add or Change a Player

You can log back into your registration account anytime while registration is open to update or change player information. Simply click on the pencil icon next to any player to edit or delete that player’s information. Contact Indy Hoop Festival if you need to change the division or team name of a paid team.    

After the registration deadline on August 13, 2017, player add/changes must be made through the Player Change Request Form which will be available on this website. All changes requested after the registration deadline will incur a $20 processing fee. Player changes requested through this form will only be accepted if they do not affect the team’s placement in a bracket. In other words, a player being added to a team using this form must be of the same age, height, and experience level as the player being replaced. Tournament officials have the right to reject any player change requests made after the registration deadline. You will be promptly notified if your player change request has been denied.